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 striving to build a freer and more dignified world for now and our future 



A youth-centered music organization that cultivates an empowering space for girls, women, trans and nonbinary people to collaborate and experiment in music, expression, performance, and collective care.

A project to regenerate empty lots into a resilient food forest system in the Carbondale's northeast. Using resilient species native to southern Illinois and/or bred for climate stress, the food forest will feature perennial food crops that use little water, build the health of the soil, and make steps toward local food security.

washington street garden

WSG is a community garden for collectively growing heirloom and hybrid organic vegetables, fruits, culinary and medicinal herbs, and flowers for free distribution and harvest in the community.

A annual project to plant native species fruit and nut trees in Carbondale and the region to land owners, residents, community gardens, and food forests.


Our goal is food security, community engagement, and ecological awareness, and to improve quality of life and health in neighborhoods.

A coalition of community gardens who are working to create a healthy, local system for growing and distributing food, made available to all — with preference for the most vulnerable to food insecurity — outside of the barriers posed by both the market and government food assistance programs.

Our partner in community herbalism, farm, & educational outreach, with a mission  to reconnect people to plants, and build health autonomy in our health precarious region. 


Restorative Roots is  for-profit small business with whom we partner to bring accessible programming in herbal knowledge and health autonomy to the region. 



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In-Kind services & contributions like meals, art supplies, and space-use, eliminate excessive overhead expenses. 


Join our neighborhood classroom & offer a workshop, event, or course. Email to propose!

There are numerous ways you can support our work. Donate today via PayPal or Venmo or contact us to learn how you can become a sustaining contributor, an educator, or a 

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Libre Unschool is a project of Libre, a nonprofit established to deepen liberatory experiences through arts, our environment, and community building in Carbondale and the greater southern Illinois region.


Libre Unschool and its affiliates strive to be intersectional in programming, events, and with opportunities. Accessibility and safety is an ongoing dialogue and we welcome feedback and input.



Our programs are funded through small grants, tuition fees, individual donations, and in-kind support. We largely operate with our communities' (including our own) donated labor.


All programs are now (and always have been)  offered on a sliding scale, pay-what-you-can basis. This means participants choose to pay anywhere from $0 to the market-value suggested donation.



Libre/Libre Unschool does not discriminate against individuals on any basis, especially on the basis of race/ethnicity, class, ability, religion, immigration status, sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity. We believe in gender self-determination and all programs/events/work-spaces are inclusive of our queer, trans, and non-binary adult and youth within our community. Read more about gender identity and expression here.


We also strive to build a more equitable and freer world through an anti-colonial, anti-racist, feminist, queer environmental critical lens. Among other things, this framework opens us up to and remembers the history of indigenous connection to the more-than-human-world.


Libre is an educational 501(c)3; FEIN 81-4241533.

Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.


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