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Pecan is kin to the Hickory species, very tall tree, with dark, reddish-brown bark with vertical ridges. The alternate leaves are 12-30 inches long with nine to seventeen lance-shaped, glossy unsymmetrical leaflets with recurved tips. The nuts usually grow in clusters of three to six. They’re oblong, with smooth thing shells, 1 ½ to 2 inches long, the same as commercial pecans. They grow in bottomlands, and in rich, moist soil.

Plant pecan trees in a hole that is twice the width and length of the root ball. If the root ball feels dry, place the tree in a bucket of water for an hour or so. After placing the Pecan tree in the hole, fill hole halfway with soil, pour 1 gallon of water in hole and let it settle. After the water settles, fill the rest of the hole with soil, mulch, and fertilize. Zinc sulfate is a great fertilizer for the development of the Pecan.

You really, really have to consider the size of your property when planting this this tree, they can grow upwards 60-130 ft tall, with a spread of 40-75 ft. Though, in 10 years the tree may only grow to be about 16ft, but still consider the life of the Pecan beyond your existence in its planting location.

Pecans can take up to 6-10 years to bear fruit, once they begin to produce you will have a large crop, then small crop, then no crop. Though, this can be reduced by regular fertilization. The life of the leaf will determine the production of fruit. It takes about 40 leaflets to produce one Pecan, so you must protect the foliage from insects (ie aphids), and the fruit (the nut) from “scab” which is a type of fungus that will eat the nut before you do.

Pecans are most known for their highly nutritious nuts containing more than 19 vitamins and minerals. Helps stimulate the grehlim hormone which is responsible for making you feel full, so Pecans are a great fat to eat for weight management. Decreases oxidative stress, which is damage done by unhealthy foods, and a toxic environment. Can also reduce inflammation, a heart healthy snack, great for the brain, and healthy bones.

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