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restorative roots


I farm herbs, study herbalism, & am slowly working to build capacity for health autonomy in my community.

Jessica Lynn, she/her, Restorative Roots founder, farmer, and maker


Restorative Roots is separate legal entity from Libre/LibreUnschool. However, as  a for-profit small business, services and products by RR are accessible on a sliding scale, and some workshops are provided for free to the public when 

offered through Libre. Libre recognizes the aligned values of health autonomy work, and is happy to support and partner with Restorative Roots when possible. 


Restorative Roots is an herbal education and information project that includes a micro herb farm, herbal products, 1:1 consultations, public workshops, private classes, events, and community.

Jessica Lynn is the founder, farmer, and community herbalist of Restorative Roots. She aims to build health autonomy for women, poor people, BIPOC, LGBTQI, and other marginalized folks in her community who live health precarious lives.

Jessica's own health journey has inspired her to connect with herbs and long standing, though forgotten, earth ways in healing and self connection.

Learn more here.


You can help fund public workshops hosted by Jessica and colleagues in the herbal plant community by donating through Libre, 501c3

and making a memo: Herb Workshops.


You can also support this for profit business by purchasing small batch herbal remedies here. Products are organic, locally grown and sustainably harvested handmade small batch goodies for you or your loved ones health journey.

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